The Benefit of Essiac Tea in Cancer Treatment

 “The Truth About Cancer” Presents
Dr. Murray (Buz) Susser Interviewed by Ty Bollinger

The Benefit of Essiac Tea in Cancer Treatment

Ty:  “What are treatments other than Vitamin C that you might suggest for cancer without immune Essiac Teacompromise?

Buz: There was a Tea developed in Canada (Essaiac Tea) that, for some reason or the other, stopped the growth of cancer in some people.

Ty: Yes, Esssiac Tea.  A tribe of Indians in Canada, the Ojibway Indians,  used this for hundreds of years and they gave to Nurse Renee Caisse.

Buz: And her name (Caisse) spelled backwards is Essiac . I’ve seen some excellent results from Essiace Tea.

Eassiac TeaTy: My grandmother, who died from Cancer in 1998, was diagnosed in the late eighties and she was supposedly terminal.  She used Essiace Tea for 10 years and it gave her another decade (of life).

Buz: I had a patient who had a bowel obstruction and I opened him up and he had  a cancer of the Caecum (Bowel Cancer), where the appendix was (and it was cut out),  butIt already had spread to his liver.  He was doomed by conventional care (medicine).  Instead of taking chemotherapy he took Essiac Tea.  He went for years under my care, and the tumor never came back.

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Disclaimer from Essaic Facts:: Despite many success stories, Essiac alone should not be expected to cure cancer. It should be considered one of many weapons in the fight against cancer. Essiac tea is an excellent compliment to an anti-cancer diet, other natural treatments, lifestyle change, and is also commonly used to counteract side effects from conventional treatment such as radiation and chemotherapy.



The Benefit of Essiac Tea in Cancer Treatment — 6 Comments

  1. I have read alit of information about essiac tea and some of the information said not to use essiac tea with Chemotherapy. What is your opinion about this? My Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreas cancer. Can essiac be used with Chemotherapy?

  2. Dr. Sussex,
    I watched and bought the TTAC series. In episode three you talked with Ty about Essiac Tea. I was wondering if the cancer started out as breast and has since metastasized, is it safe to drink the tea. I heard somewhere it was thank you for all you do.


  3. I have a tumor in my stomach and liver and I am doing what I can fight this horrible disease would this help me please I am desperate I am not ready to die yet I am still young and my name is Jannah I am 40 years please send me an email or ring me I live in Australia my number is 0474722694 or find me facebook I can’t give up

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