Treatments and Dr. Susser’s Areas of Specialization:

PEMF – Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy

The 10 Benefits of PEMF – Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy Reduced pain Reduced inflammation Increased range of motion Faster functional recovery Reduced muscle loss after surgery Increased tensile strength in ligaments Faster healing of skin wounds Enhanced capillary formation Accelerated … Read More

Holistic Medicine Los Angeles

My Holistic Therapy Approach Holistic Medicine Los Angeles Service is the Highest Form of Satisfaction! I was one of the very first holistic doctors. When I started using holistic natural methods for treating people, I was considered an outcast in … Read More

Fibromyalgia Symptoms Los Angeles


I am a Lyme Disease specialist and have been involved in utilizing Alternative and Conventional medicine for decades. I describe the approach used in my practice as “Blending Traditional and Alternative Medicine.” I co-wrote the book, “Solving the Puzzle of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(CFG).”  The reason I … Read More

Heavy Metal Detox

WE HAVE TOO MUCH TOXIC METAL IN OUR WORLD AND IN OUR BODIES WE CAN DETECT AND TREAT THAT PROBLEM The Best Way to Detox Heavy Metals – Heavy Metal Detox Please Read my Previous Post:  Chelation for Heavy Metal Detox … Read More

BioIdentical Hormones Los Angeles

Connecting BHRT (BioIdentical Hormone Replacement) and quality of life is a SLAM DUNK.    When we find someone who is beginning to suffer the loss of well being that goes with menopause or andropause (male “menopause”) we have the capacity … Read More

Long Life Medicine

Live Long(er) and Prosper  www.Long-Life-Medicine.com Long Life Medicine covers a span of possibilities.  It’s a sign on the road of life that should NOT be ignored.  When you ask people if they want to live longer, they will almost alway say … Read More

Homeopathy & Natural Healing

Long Life Medicine

Safe & Effective Natural Healing Homeopathy (HP) refers to the form of treatment based on healing with “similars.” This movement began with the work of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, about two centuries ago in Germany. Hahnemann professed that instead of using … Read More

Oxidative Medicine

Oxidative Therapy is a Broad Based Highly Effective and Safe Approach to Many Difficult Health Problems Nothing supports life more than oxygen. We have come to use therapeutic oxygen of higher reactivity than the ordinary O2 that we breath. Hydrogen … Read More

Nutritional Therapy

Nutrition to Balance the Demands of Civilization & Promote Healing July 1991 Nutritional Therapy goes beyond what most people think of when they hear the word, nutrition. Nutrition is almost synonymous with life. No nutrition—no life. Poor nutrition, poor life. … Read More

Intravenous Detoxification and Immune Support


Detoxification, almost by definition, supports the immune system. Deficiency and Toxicity are two grisly horsemen of the apocalypse of our health destiny. It is not quite that dramatic, certainly not the final cataclysmic battle. Many individuals suffer and even die if … Read More

Chelation for Heavy Metal Detox

Have a Heart for Chelation

I started doing chelation therapy in 1972. Chelation (pronounced kee-lay-shun) Therapy (CT) was then beginning to emerge from the restraints of conventional medical thinking which used it only to treat acute and/or severe heavy metal poisoning. I found that chelating … Read More

Lyme Disease and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Detecting & Treating an Elusive & Stubborn Infection Lyme Disease (LD) (named after the town of Lyme CT where the disease first became recognized as an issue in the USA around 1975). Lyme Disease is caused by a bacterium called Borrelia burgdorfori. … Read More