Solving the Puzzle of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I co-authored a book on CFS when we did not have much data or suspicion of Lyme Disease being related to CFS.

The definition of CFS was and is “Greater than 50% debility for over 6 months, WITH NO KNOWN CAUSE. ” The expanded definition included muscle pain and tenderness, swollen glands with fever and malaise, rash, neurologic dysfunction, sore throats and other signs of systemic infection that could all be explained by Lyme infection, as well as many other conditions. Once a legitimate cause is discovered, it is no longer CFS. It is Chronic Fatigue caused by some documented infection such as LD, Tuberculosis, tooth or sinus abscess, Urinary tract infection, and of course, bacterial, parasitic or yeast infection of the gut.

Solving the Puzzle of Chronic Fatigue SyndromeIn our book, “Solving the Puzzle of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” Dr. Rosenbaum and I postulated the likelihood of Mixed Infection Syndrome (MIS) which was not accepted widely before the discovery that Lyme Disease often has with it “co-infections” which can be contracted from the same tick as Borrelia (Lyme tick). In those days, Lyme Disease was really under the radar of conventional medicine. Now that we know that much so-called CFS, is really the emerging borrelia bug causing Lyme Disease, we shall be much more effective in dealing with both conditions.

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  1. Hello,
    I had cervical fusion surgery 9 months ago and have had abnormal pain and fatigue in recovery. I was up until the last 18 months in great shape. Now I have all of the symptoms of ME/CFS. It’s horrible and has completely changed my life. I spend most of my time in bed or resting. When I do feel better, I do too much and end up back in bed. My health care has spent over $100k on me this year but has yet to look into ME/CFS. Any suggestions getting them up-to-speed with the latest in ME/CFS diagnosis and treatment?

    • ChucK: Thank you for your note. Are you in the California area? I charge $325 for the first appointment for new patients. If interested, please replay with your phone number or call my office tomorrow (310) 479-8909

  2. Very interesting. I am now 40 but if you prefer to round up I am closer to 41. I have shown symptoms of CFS since I was 15 with frequent bladder infections that we discovered was Interstitial Cystitis in my early 30’s.. I started mountain climbing and hiking and in my midtwentiies. At 36 I had quite a traumatic years and the migraines started on daily bases within a two years and neck surgeries, and many other diagnosis I finally got diagnosed with Lyme and 3 co infections.. Right now I am living in Texas an taking a breather using Dr. Wilson who recognized antibiotics were killing me and every patient is different.I wrote above that I am doing a Buchner Protocol with him right now and working on yeast and heavy metals off. Plus, the most important is my healing codes and tapping class were I have seen the most remarkable results in years. I would like to get your news letter and will order your book. Since I am at home mostly but getting better slowly but surely I like to keep up with different doctors and what they are doing. Dr. Harris is in San Jose was actually the first doctor to ever treat my Lyme. So I am sure you guys have worked to in some capacity. Thank you for all the work your doing and we are desperate for more than two decent LLMD’S in Texas.I am in the suburbs of Houston and there is really no one in our great big medical center. We have to go to Dallas for the closest,decent doctor.

    • Sally:
      Thank you for your note and I hope you see I accepted your friend request on Facebook. Let me know if you would consider coming to LA for an appointment. You can send me a private FB note with your phone or fill out my contact form Thanks again!

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