Mixed Infection Syndrome

Mixed Infection Syndrome

Murray Susser MD is announcing a new approach for both diagnosing and treating Mixed Infection Syndrome (MIS), a condition in which patients suffer from multiple infections simultaneously. Many times MIS has been labelled as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Here is the problem:

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 4.58.50 PMFor decades, Medical Schools have been teaching that healthy people only get one infection at a time. This is not necessarily true. This belief leads doctors to diagnose and treat only one infection at a time, when in truth, people may be suffering from multiple infections.  In fact, when doctors treat patents with MIS, they have not had effective results.

In other words, the patient continues to suffer.  Doctors must consider the possibility of multiple infections, which are often hidden. Without doing this they will not find the cause of the symptoms.  The treatment will in most cases be ineffective.  This is why so many people continue to be sick.

Dr. Susser is announcing his expanded approach to help these very people. This approach includes both diagnosis and treatment of MIS. When MIS is discovered, he has defined a unique method to address these situations, with success. Dr. Susser has been recognized by other leading edge Physicians, such as the East Coast Godfather of Alternative Medicine. Dr. Warren Levin, who stated this was a “Landmark Discovery in Medicine.”

To be specific, MIS could include two or more bacteria, viruses, yeast, or parasite infections. This is further complicated since MIS could be just two infections of any one of these types. It is important to understand that patients with any level of MIS are often susceptible to other infections due to their weakened immune system.

For example, patients’ conditions often worsen when they contract additional infections and/or new symptoms appear.  This becomes a downward spiral. Without effective diagnoses and treatments, this could lead to crippling, or even terminal conditions.

Dr. Susser offers the solution to diagnosing this medical conundrum with real help and new hope to those who suffer. Often people with MIS go to multiple Doctors without receiving accurate diagnosis or treatment. As a result, there are many people who do not learn what is wrong with them.

Dr. Susser has successfully treated many patients with MIS. In one instance, he treated a patient who went to 64 different doctors with no results. She was experiencing fatigue and debilitating pain. Her quality of life was “terrible” in her words.

There was a ripple effect in her body which worsened day-by-day. Once Dr. Susser identified the initial cause, which in this case was bio-toxins, he treated it successfully.  Almost immediately her other symptoms and ailments disappeared.  Her life returned to normal with robust health.

You can also read related content in our recent Press Release on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Los Angeles. CLICK HERE TO READ THE PRESS RELEASE -http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/02/prweb11570002.htm

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