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Ground Breaking Talk Long Life Medicine Q&A
ASK ANY HEALTH Question:  Stem Cell Therapy, Lyme Disease and Other Difficult Diseases & HOPE for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease)
Santa Monica Library, 601 Santa Monica Blvd.
Saturday, June 27th 1:30-4PM

Find out how Dr Steenblock discovered the CAUSE of ALS when no other doctor in the world has!
Please RSVP @ (310) 479-8909 or Sussermd@gmail.comStem Cell Therapy, Lyme Disease, ALS & other difficult diseasesStem Cell Therapy, Lyme Disease, ALS & other difficult diseasesHOPE for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

After 40 years of studying and treating patients with this terrible disease, Dr David Steenblock,  Stem Cell Specialist Physician will describe his PRACTICAL experiences with treating ALS patients successfully!

According to Dr Steenblock:
The cause of ALS  is  physical and biological oxidative stress originating in the terminal ileum of most spontaneous ALS patients that damages monocytes  SOD (superoxide dismutase) molecules so they become “MISFOLDED”.
The agents in the gut that work together to initiate this process first of all are chronically present and not clinically apparent usually (i.e. ALS patients don’t have abdominal pain nor change in bowel habits usually). The “bad” bugs in the gut produce superoxide anion which initiates a subclinical mucosal irritation and inflammation which attracts monocytes. Oxidation of the monocyte’s endoplasmic reticulum “Millieu interieur” by cytokines, heavy metals, endotoxins and other toxins creates a deficiency of thioredoxin and thioredoxin reductase and results in sulfhydryl group oxidation of the chaperones that normally fold SOD properly before being secreted to the cell’s exterior from the ER channels.
The next problem that has to be present for ALS to occur is what is called a Cerebrospinal fluid-blood barrier breech or break. In other words there has to be a way for substances to pass into the cord since normally there is a barrier that prevents toxins and white blood cells from entering into the cerebrospinal fluid. After much determination it has been discovered that at least 80% of all ALS patients have a problem with at least one spinal nerve that has been chronically compressed in a process called neuroforaminal stenosis. In general this occurs in the neck from C-3 to C-7 and usually is on one side. The monocytes are attracted to this area after a new trauma occurs to the neck region. Most patients and family upon close examination and reflection will be able to describe when this injury occurred. In addition the original weakness will be almost always on the side where the most severe stenosis is present.
  These areas can be helped to heal by injection of stem cells into these damaged spinal nerves. By doing this we shut off the entry of these poisons into the cord and help turn the disease around- sometimes within 24 hours results can be seen!
Our goal is to eliminate the gut problems, the spinal nerve inflammation and the abnormal functioning of the mitochondria and stopping the misfolded proteins from entering the body or forming in the body and then prevent them from entering the cerebrospinal fluid and then finally to stop them from damaging the motor neurons and macrophages that have picked up poisons (endotoxins, clostridia poisons, Shiga poisons, antibodies to strep, etc) from the gut and are carrying these poisons to the spinal cord.
Yes it is complicated but come and listen, ask questions! Find out why and how Dr Steenblock has discovered the CAUSE of ALS when no other doctor in the world has! Space is limited!! Reserve your seat now! Please RSVP @ (310) 479-8909 or Sussermd@gmail.com


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  1. We would like to make a reservation for the discussion & Q&A for 4-5 people June 27th 1:30-4 pm. Your reply is appreciated. Thanks. Bill & Liz Jue

    • Thank you for your note. We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. We removed your phone number from your comment since this is a public forum. Thank you again.

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