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My Holistic Therapy Approach
Holistic Medicine Los Angeles

Service is the Highest Form of Satisfaction!

I was one of the very first holistic doctors. When I started using holistic natural methods for treating people, I was considered an outcast in the medical community. My methods were considered “quackery.” I was even considered to be ‘dangerous’ by some doctors. This was true, even though my therapy was simply vitamins, minerals, and herbal substances.

A Positive Side-Effect to Nutritional Therapy
Holistic Medicine Los Angeles

The end result was that people would get better and would have virtually no side-effects.  When they did have a side-effect, it was always a beneficial one.  One example of a Positive Side Effect from Holistic Therapy is when an unrelated ailment is cured.  For example, one of my patents suffering from Arthritis also suffered from Motion Sickness for years.  I began treating her Arthritis and within three weeks her Motion Sickness was gone.  This was the positive side-effect. Eventually, I was also able to successfully treat her Arthritis.

My Distinction

What I do now, I consider distinctive. The distinction is, I select nourishing things to give to people. and I use nourishing treatments.  Nourishing at all levels. Food, herb, etc.Holistic Medicine Los AngelesAn Excellent Result

My Goal is to achieve MASTERY in all of my Patients’ Conditions

If I complete this distinction well enough, I get an excellent result.  I achieve Mastery in the case of my patients’ ailments.  People’s conditions can get better with this kind of Mastery.  And when I do this, I feel I have truly served people.  I attempt to take a person off of even simple drugs, like Aspirin, Tylenol, or Ibuprofen. These ‘simple’ drugs, however, are not so simple.  They can cause great danger.

Drowning in Vitamin EIn fact, each year over 3,000 people die in the US from Aspirin, used properly. And Aspirin has been around for over 100 years. Aspirin can be dangerous.  Is Vitamin C dangerous? Hardly Dangerous.  Is Vitamin E dangerous?

The only way I have heard how a person an die from Vitamin E, is to drown in it. 🙂

Equal or Better Symptomatic Relief Compared to Over the Counter & Prescription Drugs

An Excellent Result Listen to My Patients

I consider taking a person OFF ANY kind of drug, either Over-the-Counter or Prescription and getting them Equal or Better Symptomatic Relief. I consider that Service. And Service is the Highest Form of Satisfaction (It’s as Sweet as Honey).  If I can serve someone, then I am satisfied and they certainly feel satisfied.

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Holistic Medicine Los Angeles


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  1. very good info. I was infected on a trip to Canada. it never seems to go away completely. have done antibiotics, edta chelation ( old veins do not like it) but helped. homeopathy. vitamins, etc. I would like to see you but I live in Wyoming. anyone closer?? sandra kovach

    • Thanks for the note Sandra. Lyme disease is very nasty. Why not take a trip to sunny Los Angeles? If you want respond with your number and my office will call. Thanks again!

  2. You are a good Dr.. I was looking for you 10 yrs ago, so i have another Dr. my cousin said mine I was so sick working 8 yrs… 2009 I just crashed….. but we all know one another, he is a lot like u. Thanks for all your info, Michelle Daytz I signed up for your news letter

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