Heavy Metal Detox

The Best Way to Detox Heavy Metals – Heavy Metal Detox
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When we speak about Heavy Metal, we’re not talking about the music.  Heavy Metal DetoxWe are talking about the heavy metals in our bodies such as lead, mercury, cadmium, tin, aluminum, and others that insidiously cause untold damage to our health and well-being. The levels that harm us sneak into our body and into target organs like the brain, spinal cord, heart, immune tissues, endocrine glands, etc. These levels are not considered toxic by most of conventional Medicine.

These metals can create havoc with our health and their presence is totally beneath the radar of conventional medicine. Yet, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has published that these metals can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, IQ deficit (especially in children).

Heavy Metals can suppress the thyroid, leading to fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, and many other signs of hypothyroid. The toxic effect on the immune system results in decreased resistance to infection (like Lyme Disease, Influenza, etc.). Many medical researchers feel that these toxic metals increase the risk of cancer.

Our body burden of lead alone comes to hundreds of times that of our primitive ancestors. Without treatment, these toxic metals have half lives of over 20 years in the body. Therefore, someone with twice the acceptable burden (and we are not exactly sure if there is an acceptable burden) would take 20 years (without treatment) to get down to normal.

And our world is heavily polluted with toxic metals. We have large amounts of lead in our soil and our water. We have mercury from the fillings in our teeth and from the big fish in our diet.

We could go on for volumes of such information, but suffice it to say that there are remedies. We can evaluate the patient’s heavy metal status and use Chelation Therapy (see link on CT), both oral and intravenous, to reverse the toxic process. We have done such management for decades. We feel that it should be prominent in preventive medicine, as are vaccines, PAP tests, colonoscopies, etc.

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by Murray R. Susser, M.D.
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Heavy Metal Detox


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  1. Hi my name is Elizabeth I have and autistic three year old son who’s confirmed heavy metals posioned.I live in new Jersey and would like to know do you treat children of his age.

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