Fibromyalgia Symptoms Los Angeles

I am a Lyme Disease specialist and have been involved in utilizing Alternative and Conventional medicine for decades. I describe the approach used in my practice as “Blending Traditional and Alternative Medicine.”

I co-wrote the book, “Solving the Puzzle of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(CFG).” Fibromyalgia Symptoms Los Angeles The reason I mention CFS when speaking about Fibromyalgia is  that much of Myalgia goes along with CFS.

A Silly Definition

The definition of CFS is silly, but it is still better than the one used to diagnose Fibromyalgia.  The definition of CFS is:

“Greater than 50% debility for greater than six months with no known cause.”

I believe CFS is usually caused by a hidden infection. However, I believe Fibromyalgia Syndrome is also caused by a hidden infection or toxicity most of the time.

Fibromyalgia is a disease of pain.  It is a syndrome whereby people have pain, generally over most or all of their body. It is widespread pain, not a localized one which would be called Myalgia. “Myaligia” means Muscle Pains, and “Fibro” means Scar tissue. So Fibromyalgia syndrome is defined as chronic intense widespread pain resistant to treatment.

A Ridiculous Diagnosis? Fibromyalgia Symptoms 

I believe the current diagnosis of Fibromyalgia is borderline ridiculous.  It is diagnosed by defining 11 of the 18 possible trigger points on the body. There are nine pairs on each side of the body; 8 on the front and 10 on the back. They are located on the neck, the chest, the elbows, the knees, the back of the head, the top and lower shoulders, the lower back, and the hips. When 11 of these 18 trigger point respond positively to pressure, (they are painful when pressure is applied), the patient is diagnosed as having Fibromyalgia.

It’s interesting, but there is no formal name when a patient is experiencing pain in just 9 or 10 of these pressure points.

Patients could have the exact same pain and debility if they have less than 11 pain points.  The condition that caused the 11 pain points could very well be the identical condition causing any number of pain points.

What is the Point of Pain Points?

Fibromyalgia has No Pathognomonic test to label or name it. “Patho” comes from the word for disease and “gnomonic” means naming or labeling.  The bottom line, there is no known test that names (provides a diagnosis of) Fibromyalgia with certainty.

But at least it is a starting point for a conversation, though the definition sends us in the wrong direction. The conversation around Fibromyalgia should be about the hidden causes of the condition, not what pain points are affected by it.  I look for the cause of the symptoms and do not concentrate only on the symptoms.  Of course, most people understand treating the cause of an illness, not just the symptoms, is the best way to restore someone to health.

This is what I do in my practice.  I test for hidden infections or toxicity and then treat those conditions.

Fibromyalgia Symptoms Los Angeles


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  1. One does not have to present with all 11 of the ‘trigger points’ in order to experience wide spread pain throughout the entire body.

    I find that when one part of my body is affected, I tend to compensate for it, thereby throwing my entire body out of alignment and upsetting its delicate balance. Everything is interconnected in our bodies, so what affects one part, just naturally affects the entire being. That makes sense to me.

    I was originally misdiagnosed as having Fibromyalgia based on the trigger point theory, but was not entirely satisfied with the explanation even though I met most of the criteria.

    I became relentless in searching for the root cause of my pain, and was successful in locating specialists who were willing to help me navigate a system which tends to lump patients into categories.

    I can’t generalize, but I feel that too many medical professionals find it convenient just to tack a label such as Fibromyalgia onto a person when they can’t pin point the cause(s) of the ailment.

    I refuse to accept being labeled, dumped into a category along with God knows how many other poor souls and provided with the same current standard treatment endorsed by the powers that drive the medical system.

    I am a unique individual, as is EVERYONE, and feel that we need to be diagnosed and treated as individuals.

    Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and feelings on this subject. It was not an easy journey to unravel the mysteries of my ailment, but it proved successful, and my symptoms are currently being managed well.

    One has to be their own advocate, yes?

  2. Over the past four or five years I’ve had 9 women that I know diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I have been suspect from the beginning.

    For a couple of years I also had many of the “symptoms” of fibromyalgia. Pain, fatigue, anxiety, stiffness, sleep problems and weakness. After 2 1/2 years of trying to find out what was wrong with me. My new Endocrinologist found the actual problems for my symptoms………hypothyroidism and a very low Vitamin D level. Now that both have been corrected and I am finally back to normal! Just like you stated…….treating the cause of the illness, not the symptoms. I think I’ll email the link to your article to 9 women I know!! Thank you!

  3. This is very much the reason there is so much misdiagnosis in Lyme disease. It is so much easier to treat the symptoms and not seek out the cause of the symptoms. My wife has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. But in my research I found that her subcutaneous nodules are more in line with Paniculitis. When her doctor was done laughing and insisting that it was not Paniculitis. I told him it has been linked to Babesia. Which later she was diagnosed with Babesia. “Blending Traditional and Alternative Medicine.” Thank you Dr. Susser. This is the future of medicine.

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