Chronic Lyme Disease Los Angeles


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When the “Cure” Gets You Sick!

The Problem is NOT a Secret Agent,
But Trying to Treat Only a SINGLE Agent!

Is the “Cure” Your Problem?

The single agent theory of infection has monopolized medical thinking for too long.  As physicians we have been trained to confront an infection by first obtaining a culture specimen from the zone of infection. The specimen is then incubated in a special culture medium in order that it can grow and we can identify it. An appropriate antibiotic may then be prescribed.

This approach falls apart, however, when there is more than one infection, as is frequently with Lyme Disease.  In fact, with this approach, the “CURE” for one infection could easily be the “FOOD” for another.  The cure for one feeds the other, a vicious circle.


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In the late nineteenth century, Pasteur advocated the single agent theory of infection which incriminated specific microscopic villains. Treatment approaches were aimed at the identification and eradication of these microorganisms. Beauchamps, on the other hand, claimed infection stemmed from weakened host resistance: “The soil, not the seed,” was his position. This is really a chicken and an egg question, both contributing to disease.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) does not acknowledge the Chronic Lyme disease title.  They call it “Post-treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome” (PTLDS). This very name implies it is the person’s ‘fault’ they didn’t respond to the treatment approved.  If you happen to progress to what others call Stage Three Lyme or Chronic Lyme disease, it’s your fault!

We all acknowledge there is no one test for Chronic Lyme Disease. However, the CDC does not believe testing exists to confirm this condition.  I disagree. By the very definition in the medical community, any condition that lasts longer than six months is chronic by nature, regardless if it is due to the patient’s lack of response to treatment.

What’s missing is that there are frequently multiple factors and co-infections associated with Lyme disease that often go untreated.  I call it Mixed-Infection Syndrome (MIS) or The Flu That Becomes ALWAYS.”

Different people respond to Lyme Disease and Tick bites in different ways.  Even the healthiest people have weaknesses in their armor. The immune system is a highly complex and dynamic “community”; and it may only take one “absent” member to allow a person to become susceptible to a particular disease.  Malnutrition, stress, and environmental pollution can damage the immune sensitive components and add to this susceptibility.

Today, considerable efforts are being directed toward ways of modulating the immune response. Immunomodulation with drugs and nutrients, which are called biological response modifiers,  have become a mainstay of our treatment approach.  Along these lines I have introduced my “Live Longer and Stronger’ Program.

The best things we can do for ourselves is to live life as a healthily as we can, including diet, exercise, and nutrition.  Just as important as these three, however, is prevention.  We prevent ourselves from getting Lyme Disease as best we can and we get testing by an ILAD approved doctor.  Early testing and treatment can address issues before they become chronic. This is especially true with Lyme Disease since it may lie dormant for years.

Remember, the best “agent” you have against disease is your immune system!

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Chronic Lyme Disease Los Angeles


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  1. Thank you Dr. Susser,
    This is a great article and I feel as accurate as it gets. I have also been trying to explain to people in my writings about Pasteur’s one bacteria one disease theory as apposed to the MIS 9 Mixed Infection Syndrome). I shall share this this article with many. Hope you don’t mind.
    David R Thomas
    Lyme Advocate

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