Chelation Therapy Los Angeles California

Dr. Susser was recently interviewed on TV by Kris Long from the American Health Journal on the “The Doctor Show” aired on PBS. IIn the interview, he explains that detoxification is what the body uses to cleanse itself internally (see below to view the interview in it’s entirety).

Chelation Therapy Los Angeles California

There are many times when the body needs help in ridding itself from unwanted substances, such as heavy metals (e.g., Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, etc.).  Dr. Susser speaks about Chelation Therapy and how it can cleanse your body from these metals. He provides an example of how some were healed by Chelation Therapy in his office and he also speaks about how it affects your eyes.

UPDATE: I’ve been receiving questions from people based upon this blog and my interview on PBS by the American Health Journal regarding Lyme disease and Chelation Therapy.

It’s a logical question, since Lyme disease can exist in the blood and Chelation cleanses the blood, CAN CHELATION THERAPY CURE LYME DISEASE?
The answer is simple: Chelation means “metal binding” and can cleanse the body of toxic METAL burdens. This detox process is probably helpful in fighting ANY disease, including Lyme.

It will not, however, clear Lyme by itself, although I have seen important results with it. Bottom line, I do suggest Chelation Therapy to those who may be suffering with Lyme.

Please watch the entire segment below: Chelation Therapy Los Angeles California 


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  1. Hello-

    I was just diagnosed with high levels of mercury, arsenic, and others.

    I need to make an appointment for therapy for this.

    Celia Ford

  2. January 16, 2014

    I am a former patient of Dr. Saccoman’s. Would you please give me a call @xxx-xxx-xxxx
    Thank you for your time.
    Michael C. Jennings

    • Michael:
      Thank you for your note. To protect our patient’s privacy, we do not publish people’s phone numbers. We allow anyone to provide their phone numbers here on my blog, but they will not be published. As an alternative you can go to my secure site to fill our the form

      My office will contact you, Michael, thanks again!

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