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Connecting BHRT (BioIdentical Hormone Replacement) and quality of life is a SLAM DUNK. Bio-Identical Hormones Los Angeles   When we find someone who is beginning to suffer the loss of well being that goes with menopause or andropause (male “menopause”) we have the capacity to relieve the symptoms. We now have available through (compounding) pharmacies that can fill our tailored prescriptions with special “natural” hormones to replace those that are lagging in our body. We can measure and evaluate the various hormones and determine which of several directions to take with the replacement. We adjust the dose to meet the patient’s needs. The needs may include loss of energy, sleep disorder, muscle weakness, weight gain, depression, decreased sexuality, and on and on and on.

The classic hormone that women lack is estrogen and men lack testosterone. Of course it goes much further and deeper than that. Women also need natural progesterone, especially for bone health. They also need small amounts of male hormone, testosterone, which plays a large role in libido and sexuality. Men sometime benefit from taking small amounts of the other female hormone, progesterone, that has a beneficial effect on the prostate.

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Then it gets much more extensive. BHRT also gives immune support. Many doctors feel that the loss of other hormones like Growth Hormone, Thyroid Hormone, Adrenal Hormones and several others are all part of the aging phenomenon and often need replacement. They point out that somewhat surprising problems like heart disease (coronary artery), infectious disease (Lyme Disease, EB Virus, H. Pylori), memory loss (Alzheimer’s Disease) and many other conditions are diminished by the immune support that BHRT gives.

As we have said, the quality of life improvement with BHRT is patently obvious and in basketball would be a SLAM DUNK.

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BioIdentical Hormones Los Angeles


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  1. Hello, im wondering if medical covers testosterone shots? I am a female to male and i would want to know if i can get the shots from here? Thanks! You can contact me at (323)346-2273

  2. Hi Dr. Susser,
    I have Blue Sheild insurance through St. John’s health Center. I’m an RN & would like to learn about natural thyroid treatment & BHRT. How much will it cost me to see you?

    • I am very reasonably priced. You did not provide your phone number. You could call my office for pricing at (310) 479-8909. Thank you for your note.

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