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These are the words upon which I have built my practice: “Listen to the patient. They will tell you what’s wrong with them.”

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Dr. Susser was recently inducted into Healthy Doctors Hall Of Fame.

Dr. Susser has been recommended by the National Health Federation.

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Vitamin C and Cancer

Dr. Susser attended the 42nd Annual Cancer Control Society Convention in 2014 and Spoke about Vitamin C and Cancer. In this segment, he pays tribute to a pioneer in this field, Linus Pauling, PhD, who Dr. Susser considers “THE GREATEST NUTRITIONAL SCIENTIST OF THE CENTURY.”


Dolby Dubrow

Dolby Dubrow

Murray R. Susser, MD is an amazing healer. I have gone to him whenever I had something I could not get a handle on. He is compassionate, smart and thinks outside the box. I have had the pleasure of knowing doctor Susser for 30 years. I am glad he came back to LA.

I remember my first encounter with him. He asked me something that other doctors did not, “What is going on in your life?” 30 years ago that was profound to me. With that question, we solved my panic attacks. Amazing what compassionate conversation can do, along with building up your immune system that gets torn down by stress of the unknown.
– Dolby Dubrow

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