Murray Susser MD,
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These are the words upon which I have built my practice: “Listen to the patient. They will tell you what’s wrong with them.”

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Dr. Susser was recently inducted into Healthy Doctors Hall Of Fame.

Dr. Susser has been recommended by the National Health Federation.

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Dr. Susser provides a Patient Case Study where Nutritional Therapy for Arthritis also cured his patient from years of Motion Sickness suffering.


Dr. Susser is the absolute most insightful, creative and “right on” diagnostician. He saved and improved many, many lives.

Stacie Hunt

Stacie Hunt

His work in this area is progressive and cutting edge. I urge anyone struggling with either a Lyme diagnosis or an unsolved health situation to take advantage of Dr. Susser’s experience in diagnosis and treatment.
– Stacie Hunt

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