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These are the words upon which I have built my practice: “Listen to the patient. They will tell you what’s wrong with them.”

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Dr. Susser was recently inducted into Healthy Doctors Hall Of Fame.

Dr. Susser has been recommended by the National Health Federation.

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Chelation Therapy

and Dementia Reversal

   I have witnessed the reversal of adult dementia with Chelation Therapy. It is most gratifying to rescue someone with a diagnosis of Altzheimers when it has been caused by the accumulation of heavy metals in the body. These patients can get rescued and return to a productive and satisfying life.

     The essential point is that presently the media create a picture of a society which must now figure out a way to manage, care for, and cope with these patients over their lifetimes when there may be a better approach.

     What we must do is to give them treatment, one of those being intra venous Chelation Therapy.

You have questions about how Chelation Therapy could help you and your loved ones.  I have answers to this and so many other health issues of yours, and just as important, the willingness to dedicate myself to this cause.


Susan Levin

Susan Levin

I first met Dr. Murray Susser some years ago at an ACAM conference. I heard him lecture and speak with other physicians and was very impressed with his knowledge of integrative and traditional medicine and the way he blends the two. I later worked with him when I headed up an FDA study on the use of Injectable Growth Hormone in Anti-aging.

Being so impressed with him especially among the hundreds of physicians I have known, I chose him as my personal physician. He is thorough, caring, knowledgeable and always up on the most current thinking. You could not have a better physician than Dr. Murray Susser. That is why I travel across the country to seek his counsel.

– Susan Levin

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